Skills For The Green Economy

As Canada transitions to a greener economy, its labour market is transforming and new employment opportunities are emerging. Skills for the Green Economy is a collaborative initiative of the four Community Futures Development Corporations in Simcoe County. The purpose of the Skills for the Green Economy initiative is to address and bridge the identified green skilled labour shortage in the economy within Simcoe County. This will be accomplished by linking skilled and unskilled youth (age 15-29) and adults to training programs and cooperative job placements that will prepare them for entry into the emerging green economy labour market.

Skills for the Green Economy is funded by the federal government and will run through to March 31st, 2016.

Skills for the Green Economy is a Collaboration between:

What is the ‘Green Economy’?

The green economy is an emerging economic idea that seeks to encourage economic growth and development in a way that also addresses the issue of environmental degradation by attempting to reduce the overall impact economic activities have on the environment. Ontario is emerging as an green economy leader in North America, however, the province is not alone, as turning to the green economy has become a global response to environmental concerns, ecological degradation threatening future prosperity, and economic and financial crisis.

The time has come to give up the notion that there is a tradeoff between the economy and the environment and accept instead there are synergies between the tow. Supporting the transition to the green economy should be at the centre of any strategy for Ontario’s economic recovery and future. There is strong evidence that a green economy economy delivers higher rates of economic growth and more employment compared with continuing business as usual.

The transition to a greener economy is being powered by a new generation of knowledge-based workers who must be equipped with the skills and experience to develop the products and services demanded in a more carbon, energy, and resource constrained world.

What are ‘green jobs’?

Green jobs are occupations that work directly with policies, information, materials, and/or technologies that contribute to minimizing environmental impact, and require specialized knowledge, skills, training, and/or experience in these areas. Technically speaking, in a fully sustainable economy, all occupations would have ‘green’ elements.

Green jobs are a combination of both new jobs and existing occupations that are being retooled with the skills to help reduce the impact of humans on the environment, promote sustainability, and encourage the efficient use of energy and resources.


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