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BizLink connects business buyerssellers in Simcoe County to help entrepreneurs confidently move forward in the transition process.

We have a proven program and tools that offer confidentiality & anonymity in buying or selling a local business.
Our extensive local knowledge and connections make us a great choice to guide entrepreneurs through the full transition process and provide wrap around support for the entire life cycle of a business.
We have the expertise to set you up for success!

Targeted Lending Program


Our targeted lending program is the perfect partnership between BizLink and our business loans. It can be particularly difficult to find financing when purchasing a business, as traditional lenders often view this venture the same as a new business start-up. At the CDC, we understand the importance of carrying on existing businesses and the economic impact it has on our community. 



“We are so grateful to the CDC for showing us how to sell our business. They offered the resources, showed us the different selling options, and answered our many questions. They helped to match us to potential buyers in their program, were very professional, and made us feel very much at ease with this big decision.”

Chelsea Chocolates

“When you first talk about buying a business, you encounter a lot of skepticism, but CDC staff were always encouraging & confident in my success, urging me to take each day one at a time. Transitioning your business is a big deal. This program offers owners advice they otherwise wouldn’t get.”

Discover Wellness

“The CDC was instrumental in introducing this opportunity and helping to bring it to fruition. I think we’re a great combination of age, experience, and youth and the CDC made it all possible. Without the personal touch, nobody would have pointed me in this direction.”

The Bike Stop of Orillia

“With the CDC’s help I was able to break down and understand the financials of the company, apply a realistic valuation to the purchase price and structure a deal the way I wanted. Their input and guidance gave me the confidence to move forward knowing I was making an educated decision based on risks I could understand and manage.”

Georgian Mobile Signs

“The CDC helped weed out serious buyers by directing all queries through their office. From my standpoint, that was the most valuable service they offered. They were available throughout, right up until the completion of the sale.”

Farm View Newspaper

“I had heard great things about the CDC and met with them on a whim. It was so uplifting. They gave me the steps to work toward becoming a business owner.” 

Master Lube Rust Check

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