istock_000056896646_doublePathways to Employment is a new CDC program aimed at connecting youth aged 15-30 to local employers looking to hire. A wage subsidy of up to 75% will be provided to the employer for a period of 26 weeks for employment expected to continue after the subsidy period ends.

The program addresses the all too common challenge faced by youth entering the workforce; how to get hired if you have no experience and how to get experience if you can’t find a job.

CDC Project Coordinator Carol Benedetti explained, “We have heard this message loud and clear from our local youth. They are educated, skilled and job ready but they just can’t get a foot in the door. Employers naturally look for the most experienced applicants when they are looking to fill a position. This subsidy will hopefully allow them to consider a less experienced youth candidate as it will provide for a period of learning and on the job training.”

Both youth and employers who are interested in participating in the program can contact Benedetti at or 705-325-4903 ext. 103.