The Common Stove

As a local funding source, the CDC has been great because they connect you to lots of other suppliers, people in the community, and we’ve been super grateful to have them on board from the beginning.

– Simon McRae


Knowing that the CDC is there is amazing! There are lots of resources online, but you can get the same resources from the CDC staff and get to know them personally. Their people have a real sense of community; they are in your corner and committed to helping you succeed. I’ve referred numerous people to the CDC as a result of my experiences.

– Sarah Anne Moleme

Manticore Books

I believe in what they’re doing by supporting local business, and because the options they presented were great, I went with them first. Not only did the CDC talk to me about my business plan, even their board got involved in the discussion around it. They want me to succeed.

– Michael Fredson

Master Lube Rust Check

The CDC staff are so pleasant, helpful and really informative. It’s nice to go to someone who is honest and will tell you exactly how it is.

– Tiffany Denena

Poly-B Plumbing

The CDC was a breeze to work with and the best part was we were able to expand our services to better serve our clients and communities.

– Paul & Jody Bosse

Canoe Fresh Foods

The CDC was great in terms of helping us with our first business. We would use them again 100 percent. I recommend them to people in this area. I don’t think I could have done better.

– Ryan McLean

Functional Fitness

They’ve helped me adapt with the changing needs of the community. Launching a business can be a lonely journey, and the CDC has always been there to show me the next stride to keep going.

– Crystal Cabural

2018-19 CDC President

We’re fortunate to have a great volunteer base at the CDC with a breath of experience and expertise, along with sound geographic coverage from all the areas we service.

– Ray Lalande

On The Water Designs

For us, the advice the CDC offered over the years has been just as valuable as the financial support. They gave me the confidence and security to become a leader in our marketplace.

– Brandon Jewitt

Ec•lec•tic Café

The CDC has helped me through every stage of my business, from infancy to where we are today, through their services & what they provide. We were able to secure some personal loans & funding, and without them it’s really hard because banks don’t look at you sometimes. What’s amazing is everybody at the CDC is so welcoming & encouraging that it makes you feel like you can do anything, even when you doubt yourself. Everybody can get something out of what the CDC offers.

– Melanie Robinson

KnightVision Media/ Refillery District

The CDC provides so much more than just the financing I’ve accessed, I’ve taken advantage of their employment programs, their workshops and they really do want to help your business succeed. There’s truly no better feeling than being able to sit down face-to-face with the staff at the CDC and feel like you’re being heard, and that they have your best interest in mind.

To say that the CDC made my business would be an understatement. Without their help, support and guidance, my business would not have grown to the point it is at today.

– Tyler Knight

My Moon Collective

There are a lot of open-minded people at the CDC. They want to see small business owners succeed. With a traditional bank, the focus tends to be more on the numbers. With the CDC, they’re also looking at numbers, but at the person, too. The staff guided me through the process of developing my business plan and applying for a loan. Since starting this journey with the CDC, I have never felt like I’m on the wrong path.

– Kelsey Beesley

Cat May CPA Professional Corporation

They allowed me to get to another level of growth that I couldn’t have done otherwise. Even if you think you don’t need them just now, go meet them and tell them about your business. You could end up turning to them for support at some point.

– Catherine Bristow

Pathways To Employment Participant

The CDC is an incredibly valuable resource to our community. They provide support to small businesses and help young people find employment opportunities. In a time of job insecurity, high unemployment, and so many struggles for small business owners; the CDC is the support Orillia & area needs. I feel very fortunate that I was able to work with the CDC and I recommend their services to everyone.

– Heather P-J

Peak Performance Fitness

Over the years, the CDC has introduced us to so many influential connections in our community, helping us to grow our customer base. They are phenomenal.

– Brandon Peacock & Taylor Bazinet

Hardwood Ski & Bike

I think the beautiful thing for us in working with the CDC is they’re local, we can go into their office and actually talk to a human being. They understand our business, and they want to help businesses like ours succeed.

– Gareth Houben


Yorke Motivational Consulting

As a business coach I work with a lot of young & new entrepreneurs and the first thing I say is, “Have you been to the CDC?” The connections I made there were incredible and I continued to visit because I saw the resources that they offered, so when I started to develop my business they became an obvious partner. They really are integral to the success of the Orillia area business communities and we’ve seen them boom in the last 5 years.

– Risha Yorke

Glen Oro Farm

The CDC basically kept us afloat during our period of shutdown. Without their funding I would have had to really slow everything down and possibly look for outside investment. I’m just happy we have them in our area, they’ve helped out a lot of businesses and I think they have the interests of the local community at heart, which is the most important thing.

– Luke Sedgwick

Georgian Chocolate Co.

The CDC was really good and prompt in helping us. They were always available for face-to-face meetings. In the near future, when we want to expand our business, the CDC will be our first stop.

– Jenna Green & Sean Carter

Kind Living

The CDC is on speed dial. As small business owners, we rely on them as our go-to source for information on anything business related.

– Robb MacDonald & Sue SInclair

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