12a254d9 6ea0 44a2 be83 25cfc1aeaa22 300x300 - The impact of Bill 148 on Ontario businessThe Ontario Chamber Network is collecting grassroots data on the impact of Bill 148 (the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act) to advise the government on the experience of businesses in Ontario.

How has your organization been impacted financially, administratively, and/or legally by the changes contained within Bill 148? The more detail – particularly financial examples and statistics – the more helpful your responses can be.

You will first be taken to three short, demographic questions to help contextualize your answers. The next section will provide you with a free-form opportunity to detail your experiences. Please provide your answers under the most appropriate heading; you may respond under as few or as many headings as you like.

All data is collected anonymously and will be summarized and presented in aggregate.

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