“When I moved to Orillia in the fall there was nothing I dreaded more than searching for work. I was laid-off at the onset of the pandemic and had struggled with depression; I could not imagine being happy or helpful in any environment. My employment coach, Katie, provided the guidance and support I needed to build back my confidence. Through daily correspondence and personalized workshops, I began to understand what positive qualities I could bring to a job. I was finally able to afford both therapy and medication, instead of one or the other.


By the time I applied for a serving position, I trusted my strengths and knew that I was up for the task. In return, Rustica trusted me to learn at my own pace without any prior experience as a server. The camaraderie and support I have experienced at Rustica is special, from guests and co-workers alike. For the first time in my life, I look forward to every shift knowing that new connections will be made.”


John B. 

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