After nearly 11 years of doing business, Andrew Meades, owner of Meades Restoration in Orillia, considers himself more of an applied chemist than pressure washer.

Having around 50 different products used to clean up various surface staining, be it organic matter, grease or oil, chewing gum litter, efflorescence, graffiti, etc., Meades has the experience cleaning it up.

He first approached the Orillia Area Community Development Corp. (CDC) when he moved to the area back in 2018.  After becoming a member of the Orillia District Chamber of Commerce, Meades heard about the CDC at a Business After 5 and started attending their complimentary Youth Mentorship meetings. 

“I loved the support, it was intimate, and I felt like there was plenty of time to discuss my concerns; the groupthink is a powerful tool, and the CDC team are awesome,” explains Meades. “Coming from a large city, this was not something I was used to.“

From there he was encouraged to apply for their Community Capacity Building Fund grant, putting those dollars towards some new equipment, and has been accessing their complimentary business guidance & mentorship for 2 years now.

“I’ve been working closely with my mentor John Sloan, the CDC’s Client Services Officer, who has been asking some great questions to determine my focus and direction, which is exactly what I’ve needed. I’m very grateful for his help and support,” says Meades.

“I recommend any business owner to reach out to them for problems large or small. Having a dedicated team like the one at the CDC can really make a difference!”

For more information about Meades Restoration visit or call 249-359-7733.

Sources: Western Ontario Community Futures, OrilliaMatters