LnL Packet Times 1024x769 - Digital concerns demystifiedEstablishing a bigger social media presence can be intimidating for some smaller businesses.

But that doesn’t have to be the case, according to digital content creator Marc Smith.

“On the surface, it’s very simple really,” said Smith, the founder of 30 Day Adventures, who served as a keynote speaker during a lunch and learn symposium hosted by the Community Development Corp. (CDC) at Casino Rama Thursday.

“I’m trying to challenge the choices that businesses make on a regular basis,” Smith said, adding that deciding whether or not to embark on improving one’s digital marketing presence is no longer optional.

“It’s not a choice. This does not have to be overwhelming.”

Smith said businesses and special events are realizing the need to emphasize social media over traditional marketing methods, including the Mariposa Folk Foundation that he noted now focuses 70% of its promotional and marketing efforts on digital platforms.

“I’m trying to demystify the forest,” he said, using the analogy to represent platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.

“I really want them to try to see the individual trees to building their digital technology forest.”

CDC General Manager Wendy Timpano said the digital marketing theme of Thursday’s offering proved popular with 230 area residents attending.

“I think digital marketing is a relevant trend for many businesses,” Timpano said. “People are really interested in learning. When you’re in business, you have to know how to market and make sales.”

The session also included a panel discussion and presentation featuring six area organizations/businesses as well as a keynote address by Tammy Hudgin on how businesses can accelerate their growth by fully understanding the power of their Facebook and website pages.

Hudgin, who runs Creating Your Presence in Bondhead, said that while it can be uncomfortable, businesses just getting established should ask clients and friends to recommend their services online; especially when one considers only one in 10 people will leave a review.

“Also, make sure clients know you have a review section on your website,” Hudgin told attendees, noting there are ways to use social media to fine-tune online advertisements to target one’s actual clientele demographic.

“You can actually target other business’s pages … think of the biggest competitor in your industry. It’s great because I get to target very specific competitors like that.”

Smith, meanwhile, said businesses should be trying new things regularly and not be afraid to fail.

“In my own business, I fail daily,” he said. “You use it to learn, change and grow. I want them to know that I understand their pain.”

Smith said it’s imperative for businesses to fully understand who their customers are and which social media platform they use most. From there, they should build a “content calendar” to better understand when their peak sales periods are and when’s the best time to send out alerts or messages to potential clients.

“They need to stand out from other businesses,” he said. “It’s all about engaging.”


Source: Packet & Times