Catherine Bristow knows businesses aren’t just spreadsheets — there are people behind the numbers.

That’s why she positioned her business to be more interactive.

Before launching Cat May CPA Professional Corporation, which now operates remotely, she only intended to serve clients as their year-end accountant.

“It is a great advantage for business owners to have up-to-date business records all year round. Otherwise, they may have no idea how their business is performing and where it could do better,” Cat says. “So, now I offer a suite of accounting and tax services.”

And to establish and grow her business, she has accessed the Orillia Area Community Development Corp. (CDC) services on several levels.

The first time was a few years ago when Cat hired a staff member. At that time, she was running copies of an IT system on two of her laptops.

“I wanted to make sure both my staff and I could access a single set of files on a secure server,” Cat says. But she wasn’t sure if she had the money for such a significant purchase.

The CDC recognized this crucial business purchase, and she was approved for a loan.

Then she heard of a CDC grant that could enable her business to buy more technology to support her company’s growth.

Cat applied for and received a grant and purchased an industrial scanner and upgraded her server. These technologies helped to consolidate all the paperwork that was building up from her clients.

A few months later, she applied for another loan to hire and train two new employees.

Cat said she also used the money to buy ergonomic office furniture to cater to the increase in staff.

Cat May CDC Photo 300x200 - CDC helps ensure success adds up for local accounting firmThe CDC was able to help her grow her business, and she encourages everyone to seek them out.

“Even if you think you don’t need them just now, go meet them and tell them about your business,” explains Cat. “You could end up turning to them for support at some point.”

Next up for her business, she wants to help more clients and create more jobs for locals that have a passion in accounting.

For more information about Cat May CPA Professional Corporation visit, or call Cat directly at 705-330-9546.


Source: OrilliaMatters