Randy and Billie Streeter, a brother and sister team and co-owners of Puddle Paw Hydrotherapy, know how pet parents feel when their beloved four-legged family member is injured, ailing or aging.

When their best pal, Annie, a Bernese Collie mix, developed arthritic back legs, long walks became difficult. However, Randy and Billie soon discovered that swimming provided buoyancy, reduced pain, and gave Annie the low-impact exercise she needed to be happy and healthy. Annie’s improvement sparked a business idea, and the siblings knew they were in a unique position to help other concerned dog parents in Simcoe County.

Randy and Billie’s vision became a reality in November 2023. With both trained and qualified as Canine Hydrotherapists, Puddle Paws is located at 9 Ontario Street in Orillia. They offer rehabilitation therapy for canine pets with chronic conditions such as hip dysplasia and degenerative myopathy, are recovering from injury or surgery, are experiencing pain from arthritis, overused muscles, or weight gain, and for general health and well-being.

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Puddle Paws Hydrotherapy also provides swimming lessons for dogs to become comfortable in the water and build confidence in their abilities. “We want to improve range of motion, help recover from injuries, reduce pain, build strength, and help your pet live their best life,” says Billie. With two warm temperature pools – an 8×10

and a stock tank with a harness for spinal injuries, pets can relax and exercise in a safe and trusting environment.

Billie explains, “We have clients from the local region and northern communities like Parry Sound and Muskoka region.” Randy says, “I get into the pool with puppies and even senior dogs who just love to sit for 30 minutes in the warm water.” Billie shares a heart-warming story of how they initially were both in the pool to assist a puppy with a spinal curve who recently started to use his back legs for the first time.

“Although there is a significant market need for pet hydrotherapy, not everyone initially understood or saw our business vision,” says Randy. The siblings approached a bank to help with financing but found little support.

That’s when an acquaintance shared his experience when he applied for financing through the Orillia Area Community Development Corporation (CDC) for his catering business. The CDC is located at 22 Peter Street South in Orillia and is well known as the region’s premier business centre.

Their team of qualified business consultants help individuals start, buy, or sell their business. Entrepreneurs have access to training, counselling, resources, and funding to help them build a thriving business, hire staff, and contribute to the region’s economic sustainability.

“We’re so grateful that we took our friend’s advice and contacted the CDC,” says Randy. “Without them, it would have taken us another two years to realize our entrepreneurial dream.”

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“Our business consultant made the entire process so easy, I could breathe,” says Billie. They walked the siblings through the paperwork, and when they had questions about creating a business plan, financial forecasting, or marketing strategies, they received easy-to-understand and timely answers.

“It only took one month from start to finish to get the five-year flexible funding for Puddle Paws Hydrotherapy,” says Billie. They renovated the facility, from installing flooring and pools to purchasing furniture, a computer, a payment system, and doggie life jackets.

Puddle Paw Hydrotherapy is all about heart. “We love our work and being entrepreneurs,” declare Randy and Billie. They support charities like Carter’s Rescue Sanctuary and Hank’s Haven and put any monetary donations from the public towards the rescue dogs.

“We’re so glad the CDC is there for us as well as for future business owners,” states Randy. “As we grow, we’ll approach the CDC to help us make Puddle Paws a one-stop shop with a physiotherapist, massage therapist, pet groomer, an open playtime pool and an organic products retail space.”


Asked what they would tell any budding entrepreneurs, Billie says, “Run, don’t walk. Go to the CDC way before any other financial institution. You can get the help, training and support to make your vision come true.”

To learn more about Puddle Paws Hydrotherapy visit https://www.puddlepawshydrotherapy.ca/ or call (249) 388-3036.

For more information on the Orillia Area Community Development Corp. (CDC) visit www.orilliacdc.com or contact 705-325-4903 x 101.


Source: Orillia Matters