“The CDC’s Pathways to Employment program allowed us to hire two youth for the fall and winter.


They helped with our conservation projects and built their off-season skills such as data analysis and project management.


It’s been great to have the extra help, and the CDC has been a wonderful partner to work with!”


Jeff Hathaway, Founder

Scales logo - Pathways to Employment: Scales Nature Park

Ever since she was young, Sarah’s had a passion for wildlife and species conservation.


Working at Scales Nature Park as a Field Technician for the Saving Turtles At Risk Today (START) Project, through the support of the CDC’s Pathways to Employment program, has allowed her to gain training and hands-on experience working with species at risk, and their conservation efforts.


“My position includes surveying for and handling reptiles & amphibians, collecting data for the START Project, assisting in organizing data, and writing various types of reports. In this photo, I have a radio frequency receiver and am about to head into a wetland to follow the signal of a small radio transmitter that was previously attached to a turtle!


With the CDC’s support, I’ve gained all of these skills and experiences that are pertinent for a career path in wildlife conservation.”


Sarah Delaronde