When COVID first emerged in March 2020, the entire entertainment industry in Toronto shut down. This, unfortunately, put Connor McNeilly out of work while the industry tried to figure itself out. During this time, Connor was introduced to Tyler Knight, owner of KnightVision Media, and thanks to the Pathways to Employment program, a successful working relationship was created, providing the security Tyler needed to hire and retain Connor.

“He’s a fellow filmmaker like myself, but instead of being hours away in the city, he’s right next door in the town I live. We got along right from the beginning, and since working together we’ve had plans to change the local landscape of what production can be. Our hope is to get more eyes on Orillia for the creatives who reside here.”

Connor McNeilly

Conor McNeilly KNIGHT VISION  1024x684 - Pathways to Employment: KnightVision Media