Sam Gillett has learned so much during his time at COPPERSMITHWEAR and VicLyn Industries. Thanks to the expertise of the management team, he’s had the chance to develop hard and soft skills, and was encouraged to be creative and ambitious. 

It’s been a chance to find new experiences & great opportunities in what’s been a hard & discouraging year – having multiple trips, internships and a graduation ceremony cancelled, as well as abruptly moving away from Halifax during the first weeks of the pandemic. 

From the outset, VicLyn Industries inspired Sam to think big & bold and observe world events through the opportunities they present.

“We got to work developing a brand that’s built around living a healthy lifestyle outdoors with antibacterial apparel. Through multiple meetings, roundtable discussions and working with freelancers, I developed my communication skills, appreciation of organization and professionalism. 

Without my time here, and working under the excellent management of Mr. Smith and Mr. House, I wouldn’t be prepared for the position I’m about to start, which requires lots of organization and coordination of multiple moving parts in production. 

I’m happy to say that the CDC’s Pathways to Employment program, and my time at COPPERSMITHWEAR/VicLyn Industries has been foundational in my early years as a university graduate.”

Sam Gillett