Changing of the Garnet is owned and operated by Susie Maurice. She currently employs 2 youth from the Pathways to Employment Program. Susie has a passion for educating like-minded stylists and training young individuals with an interest in hairdressing.


Susie has struggled with anxiety and depression since she was 9 years old. She understands the hurdles created by anxiety and depression when trying to move forward. Being able to teach and encourage the employees in her salon with similar afflictions has been a very fulfilling experience. Susie has watched them succeed and move forward, despite their barriers. That is a HUGE success for everyone involved!


Pictured (left – Shyanne – Hairstyling apprentice; Middle – Susie – Owner; and right – Paris – Admin Assistant)

COTG 300x54 - Pathways to Employment: Changing of the Garnet