At Botree, we were looking to get some additional talent on our team. We felt very passionately about hiring locally. We also, at our core, believe in taking on newer graduates to support mentorship, growth, and innovation with our brand. After several successful hires through the CDC, we were eager to participate in the Pathways to Employment program to fill our vacant role.

After losing her full-time job due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Heather was looking for a stable, long-term, and supportive workplace. She wanted a place where she could learn new skills and utilize her current abilities. Katie Maracle, Project Officer at CDC, listened to Heather’s career goals and made connections with potential employers. She introduced Heather to Teena Sauve, Founder and Senior Advisor at Botree Inc.

In the past, Botree has had tremendous success with the candidates put forward through the CDC’s youth employment program. Our most recent hire, Heather Price-Jones, far exceeded our expectations. Katie knew our brand, our core values, and our culture. She used her knowledge of our brand and Heather’s professional goals to match us up. It has been an exceptional match for our organization and for Heather. Together, we are constantly learning, growing, and utilizing our unique talents.