• May 14, 2020
    1:30 pm - 2:00 pm

The COVID-19 situation is ever changing, learn how to maneuver with best practices. What to expect from this webinar: Human Resources Aspect; Implementation Recommendations and Enforcing COVID-19 Protocols with Workers, Cost-effectively Meeting Ministry of Labour Safety Expectations in an Unknown New-Normal. 

Deborah Joslin is an Entrepreneur who has founded and successfully developed four professional Corporations that provide confidential business development and growth support services for business owners.

Deborah understands the dedication, hard-work and what is required to overcome many of the challenges often experienced by company owners and management. Safety and government compliance requirements are often unclear, which is where she and her team excel with maneuvering management to meet requirements. Knowing when to stay on course and or to correct the path plan is a natural gift that compliments Deborah’s ongoing education, experience and approachability.

Deborah proudly owns the nickname “Velvet Hammer” which was given to her from one of the first company owners that she helped lead out of dire straits and coach beyond their joy and profit expectations. One of her company entrepreneurial success programs fittingly named “Simplify to Amplify” is where she shares how to be clear about what success is to you and what action plan road-mapping is required to get there.