RELEASED: Monday, November 16, 2015


Brandon Peacock wants to help Orillians ‘reach their peak’ by helping them improve their overall health.

Peacock, owner of the new Peak Performance gym located at 408 Laclie Street, says he went to school knowing that he wanted to someday start a business in Orillia.

“When I went to school, I knew I wanted to provide something unique in Orillia to help people get to a better place in their life through fitness,” says Peacock. “The focus of my gym is to provide a one-on-one supervised experience.”

His gym was designed to provide a range of exercise options, from yoga classes, to traditional gym equipment and even cross-fit equipment such as tractor tires, bumper plates and battle ropes.

“If I didn’t love this City and the people here, I might have gone somewhere else, but this community means a lot to me.”

When Peacock graduated as a Certified Personal Trainer from Cambrian College in 2013, having completed a 3-year advanced diploma in Physical Fitness Management, he relied on this community to help him get started. He notes several key people for helping him get his idea off the ground.

“I went to see Susan at the CDC,” says Peacock, referring to the Orillia Area Community Development Corporation. “Susan was phenomenal. She helped me with my business plan and put me in touch with others that could help me.”

Peacock also became involved with the CDC Business Mentorship Program where he was partnered with business mentor, Dennis Lee of Laclie Guardian Pharmacy.

“I’ve really come to rely on Dennis, he’s been a big help to me,” he says. “He’s been a local business owner for many years and he’s very successful. It’s a great way to learn from the best.”

Peacock says that the mentorship he’s received through Lee has been invaluable in helping him integrate into the community and make important community contacts. Lee has also provided valuable insight when Peacock needed business advice.

“There are so many things to consider when starting a new business,” he says. “When I didn’t know who to contact, I could rely on Dennis to help me make that connection.”

Peacock also names Gini Stringer, of Sunshine Carpet & Flooring, as another community support he’s come to know and trust.

“Gini has given me a lot of help with advertising,” said Peacock. “She’s one of the smartest business owners I know and also one of the most caring.”

Peacock, 24, cites this community support as a top reason for choosing to establish his business in Orillia.

“I think that as a young person, you’re very ambitious and want to set yourself up well for the future,” says Peacock. “This community really wants to see young people succeed. There’s more than enough help out there for someone that is just starting out.”

When asked if there’s any advice he wants to share with other local business owners starting out in Orillia, Peacock adds that it’s best to be over-prepared.

“Opening a new business can present obstacles that come up along the way,” he says. “The biggest thing is to keep motivated, have a good support system and surround yourself with positive people who have your best interests in mind.”

While the grand opening of Peak Performance took place early in October, Peacock already has plans in mind for the year ahead. He plans on focusing his efforts on providing one-on-one support to his clients, and building corporate packages for local businesses.

“I like the quote, ‘Your network determines your net worth’”, Peacock shares. “Supporting each other locally is what keeps our community strong.”

For more information on Peak Performance Fitness, find them on Facebook or on Instagram at @Peak_Performance_Fitness.

Source: City of Orillia