Cocoon Orillia - Business Loans: Cocoon Orillia

A loan from the Orillia CDC enabled Candy Potter (registered psychotherapist) and Steve Caston (graphic designer) to create Cocoon Orillia – beautiful turnkey offices for psychotherapists, social workers and other independent health and wellness practitioners in the Orillia Area. “The CDC understood our vision, and gave us the support, guidance, and financial backing to make it happen. The team at the CDC uniquely understands entrepreneurs and the local economy.”

The CDC loan has allowed Candy to expand her services to include work with families and groups. In addition to expanding her business, several other practitioners are already utilizing the offices at Cocoon Orillia to offer mental health services locally. “The CDC loan has enabled us to provide a warm and professional workspace for a number small businesses and a welcoming space for their clients.”