Everyone should enjoy their properties stress free.

That’s why James Foy started his Orillia-based business, All in Home and Yard. He provides interior and exterior property maintenance, such as landscaping, window and eaves trough cleaning, and junk removal.

Foy says, this way, his clients — businesses, busy families, or seniors — can skip the hassle.

His passion drives the business. But the right tools make it a high-quality service, which an Orillia Area Community Development Corp. (CDC) loan put in his reach.

“I knew I wouldn’t qualify for a bank loan,” says Foy, adding recommendations led him to the CDC. “I had a good business plan, and then they taught me business basics. That was very helpful.”

His relationship with the CDC started after they saw the potential in his business through his participation in the former provincial Self Employment Assistance program. This resulted in being able to provide him with a loan to get his business started.

Without the loan, he would have been forced to ask family members for money.

He quickly branched out into snow removal and expanded his services again to include junk removal, accessing additional CDC financing to buy a commercial snow blower and a hydraulic lift trailer

“Both save me tons of time and give me more service capacity,” says Foy.

COVID-19 has been brutal on All in Home and Yard, just as it has been with most local businesses.

“I can feel there’s a difference in the need,” says Foy. “Some people are working from home and have lots of time on their hands to do their own property maintenance. But I still have loyal customers.”

Although Foy isn’t currently offering snow removal services, he’s dealt with it by highlighting other aspects of his business, such as junk removal.

Through it all, he says the CDC has been side by side helping to promote his business.

Over the years, he’s hired several seasonal employees and a full-time one. Foy has plans to continue growing by bringing on another full-time person and renting office space in Orillia.

The CDC might be his go-to for help with that, too.

“I know I can call any of the staff and ask for their advice,” says Foy. “They’re all very positive and are almost like friends.”

For more information about All in Home and Yard visit https://all-in-home-and-yard.business.site/ or call 705-345-1169.

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Source: OrilliaMatters