January 8, 2014, Orillia, ON – Do you know if/how your business is impacted by Bill 119?.offenders could face substantial fines beginning January 1, 2014 and the CDC is doing everything possible to assist their business communities understand what they must do to prevent being impacted.

Mandatory WSIB coverage under Bill 119 came into effect January 1, 2013 and along with that came mass confusion on whom this affects and who needs to comply.  “Businesses are unsure if this affects them or if they should even be concerned” says Jacqueline Bayley, Client Services Liaison for the CDC in charge of Professional Development.  Bayley explained, “We offer support to our business communities on an ongoing basis and a year after Bill 119 was imposed, we still find many developed and newly formed businesses are confused”.

Bill 119 not only applies to the construction sector but now extends to everything from plumbers, dry wallers, contractors, independent operators and users of construction services.  “We are finding that even professional advisors working for these businesses are struggling with how to apply the exemption rules and finding the answers they need”, explains Bayley.

As a result the CDC, who prides themselves as being a key provider of business resources and offering professional coaching and training for over 29years, will provide a free seminar to answer any questions and misconceptions surrounding Bill 119.

Open to any business in the County of Simcoe, find out what you should be doing to comply with this new way of doing business by participating in this Bill 119 session on Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at the CDC Office, 22 Peter Street South. Construction employers, independent operators, accountants, bookkeepers and users of construction services are invited to register for this free two hour seminar presented by Elizabeth Parkinson, Employer Specialist/Office of the Employer Adviser (OEA). 

The OEA is an independent agency of the Ministry of Labour who specializes in helping Ontario employers’ manager WSIB issues.  They provide expert advice and representation to employers on workplace safety and insurance issues in order to inform and educate employers about their rights and obligations.

The seminar on February 4th promises to be an informative and essential session for any business with concerns surrounding:

  • Bill 119’s impact on independent operators, contractors, home renovators, executive officers and partners.
  • How has the definition of an independent operator changed?
  • What are the exemption rules?
  • What is the impact on the clearance certificate process?
  • What fines can the WSIB issue for non-compliance?

To register please visit www.orilliacdc.com or call 705-325-4903.