Program Overview

The purpose of the mentorship program is to facilitate the personal and professional growth and development of small business professionals, and to support our community by adding value to the offerings of the CDC.

Why Mentorship Opportunities?

Our Mentors consist of experienced business people who have volunteered to assist business Mentee’s set important career goals and develop the skills to reach those goals.

Assistance will be provided in small group settings allowing for valuable peer to peer networking.

The Mentor provides coaching, listening, advice, sounding board reactions, or other help at meetings held in a casual setting.

The Mentor Group Panel may consist of the following Professionals

  1. Accounting Professional
  2. Human Resource Professional/Training
  3. Website/Social Media
  4. Legal Professional
  5. General Marketing (Branding/Radio Stations/Papers)
  6. Market Research
  7. Bankers/Financing Professional
  8. Business Owner(s)
  9. Staff Facilitator

Mentorship Groups

Depending on demand, Mentorship programs may be offered for the following groups of entrepreneurs:

  1. Youth Entrepreneurs (generally, newer entrepreneurs between 16 and 29 years old)
  2. Early Stage Business Owners (i.e. generally, entrepreneurs who have operated their business for 1 to 3 years)
  3. Business Owners in Transition/Expansion (i.e. generally, business owners who have a well-established business in operation for more than 3 years and are experiencing significant growth or who are looking to expand)

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