iStock 525894553 300x200 - Current PrioritiesCommunity economic development is important.

While there are several needs in our community, the CDC’s current strategic plan has identified the following areas of focus in an attempt to foster economic development in our community:



Working in partnership with other small business support agencies, the CDC’s goal is to build the capacity of local small businesses, non-profits and social enterprises and to enhance employee recruitment and retention through the facilitation of relevant training programs.

The CDC helps strengthen and revitalize the downtowns in our area.

SUSTAINABLE Business Development through local connections:
The CDC supports business retention, expansion and employment.  We look to identify and foster opportunities to develop connections between local businesses/ organizations and post-secondary institutions that encourage business growth, sustainability and positive social change.

In partnership with local support services, the CDC assists with connections that develop skills among youth who face barriers to employment.