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William Brown Carpentry & Repairs

Contact: William Brown
Work 210 Shannon Street Orillia ON L3V 7B8 Work Phone: 705-325-7614 Work Fax: 705-325-7616
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William Finley Upholstering

Contact: William Finley
Work 460 Huronia Rd. Orillia ON L3V 4A3 Work Phone: 705-326-0701
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William H. Thorburn Building Inc.

Contact: William Thorburn
Work R.R. #2 Orillia ON L3V 6H2 Work Phone: 705-325-7679
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Wind Spirit Wisdom & Wonders

Contact: Dale McKay
Work 33 Mississauga Street E Unit #1 Orillia ON L3V 1V4 Work Phone: 705-325-0461 Work Fax: 705-325-6946
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Windaabteg Consulting

Contact: Alison Bradshaw and Jeff Monague
Work 237 Nottawasaga St. Orillia ON L3V 3K2 Work Phone: 705-329-4149
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Windmill Garden Center

Contact: Bob Wink
Work 5206 Hwy #11 Orillia ON L3V 6H1 Work Phone: 705-323-9463 Work Fax: 705-323-9464 Website:
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Windsurfing Orillia

Contact: Casey Steenman
Work 161 Mississaga St. E. Orillia ON L3V 1V8 Work Phone: 705-325-2461 Work Fax: 705-325-8153
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Wine Not

Contact: Don Corrick
Work Fittons West Centre 425 West St. N. Orillia ON L3V 7R2 Work Phone: 705-325-5340 Work Fax: 705-325-9929
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Wine Rack

Contact: Linda Storey
Work Orillia Square Mall R.R.#4 Orillia ON L3V 6H4 Work Phone: 705-327-3411 Work Fax: 705-325-4759
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Wink Irrigation

Contact: Bob Wink
Work 367 Victoria Crescent Orillia ON L3V 6H1 Work Phone: 705-329-5939 Work Fax: 705-329-5927
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Wolf Song Communications

Contact: Trudy Pogue
Work 156 Brant St. West Orillia ON L3V 3P1 Work Phone: 705-325-5542 Website:
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Wolseley Mechanical Group

Contact: Louis Stoddart
Work 25 Ontario Street Orillia ON L3V 6H1 Work Phone: 705-326-6477 Work Fax: 705-325-9334
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Wood Basics

Contact: Barry Russell Graham
Work 4051 Sesame St. Rama ON L0K 1T0 Work Phone: 705-329-0964
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Wood-en Legs

Contact: Mea Bell
Work 295 Barrie Rd. Orillia ON L3V 2R8 Work Phone: 705-326-1967 Work Fax: 705-326-9830
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Woods Design Software

Contact: Robert Woods
Work 214 Rynard Dr. Orillia ON L3V 7G1 Work Phone: 705-326-5945
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Woods Property Management

Contact: Michael and Sylvia Woods
Work 729 Broadview Ave. Orillia ON L3V 6P1 Work Phone: 705-327-5790 Work Fax: 705-327-1507
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Woosley Mechinical

Contact: Chris Calverlry
Work 240 Laclie St. Orillia ON L3V 4N6 Work Phone: 705-326-2610 Work Fax: 705-326-2610
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Word’s Worth

Contact: Ev & Harvey Johnstone
Work P.O. Box 2562 Orillia ON L3V 7B1 Work Phone: 705-327-6623
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Worksite Quality Workwear

Contact: Robert Hayman
Work 35 Mississaga St. West Orillia ON L3V 3A5 Work Phone: 705-327-2550
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Worling Donald H.

Contact: Donald Worling
Work 525 West St. S. Orillia ON L3V 5H2 Work Phone: 705-325-6776 Work Fax: 705-325-6829
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Worth James L Custom & Industrial Woodworking

Contact: James L Worth
Work 13 Robbins Dr. Warminster ON L0K 2G0 Work Phone: 705-325-5259
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Contact: Bill Cook
Work 133 Mississauga Street E Rear Coachhouse Orillia ON L3V 1V6 Work Phone: 705-329-3404
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X.L Gas Bar

Contact: Larry Hawryluk
Work 176 Memorial Ave. Orillia ON L3V 5X6 Work Phone: 705-327-8246
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Yannis Family Restaurant

Contact: Steve Tzioumis
Work 11789 Hwy. 12 Coldwater ON L0K 1E0 Work Phone: 705-835-3320 Work Fax: 705-835-6578
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Young Drivers Of Canada

Contact: Bob and Liz Gow
Work 4-4337 Burnside Line Severn ON L3V 6H4 Work Phone: 705-326-1882 Work Fax: 705-325-0194
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