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Vinsons Well Drilling

Contact: David Vinson Work 3674 Line 8N R R #4 Coldwater ON L0K 1E0 Work Phone: 705-835-2268

Well Drilling

Vinyl Window Décor

Contact: Peter Loizos Work 16 Beaver Trail Brechin ON L0K 1B0 Work Phone: 705-484-0805

Vinyl Window & Sunroom Sales and Installation

Virtual Realty

Contact: Thomas Kinn Work 145 West St. N Orillia ON L3V 6H1 Work Phone: 705-325-3737 Work Fax: 705-325-3366

Independent Broker

Visual Impact

Contact: Ellen McPherson Work 101 Jarvis St Orillia ON L3V 2A4 Work Phone: 705-330-6119

Signage & graphics

Vivid Salon

Contact: Deena Epp Work 280 Laclie Street Orillia ON L3V 3A5 Work Phone: 705-327-2221 Website:

beauty salons

Vleming Display Design

Work 15 Duncan Oro ON L0K 1N0 Work Phone: 705-835-6007

VLM Contracting

Contact: Victor Mascarin Work 1825 Peninsula Pt. Rd. R.R.#1 Severn Bridge ON P0E 1N0 Work Phone: 705-689-2770

General Contractors

Voodoo Car Care

Contact: David Ball Work 377 Parkhurst Cr. Orillia ON L3V 4H7 Work Phone: 705-327-6186

Complete auto detailing

Voros Signs Arts & Crafts

Contact: B. Voros Work Hwy.11 R.R. #3 Orillia ON L3V 6H3 Work Phone: 705-325-1545 Work Fax: 705-325-1545


Voros Video Weddings

Contact: B. Voros Work R.R. #1 Orillia ON L3V 6H3 Work Phone: 705-325-1545 Work Fax: 705-325-1545

VR Painting

Contact: Randy Wells Work 3467 Bayou Road Orillia ON L3V 6H3 Work Phone: 705-689-4982

painting& decorating

Vyse Painting & Decorating

Contact: Turner Vyse Work R.R.#2 Orillia ON L3V 6H2 Work Phone: 705-326-9796

Painting & Decorating

W & P Pace Enterprises

Contact: Wayne and Don Pace Work 54 Dufferin St. Orillia ON L3V 5S6 Work Phone: 705-326-3758


W.J. Shaw Jewellery Ltd.

Contact: Bill Shaw Work Orillia Square Mall R.R.#4 Orillia ON L3V 6H4 Work Phone: 705-326-9684

Retail jewellery & clocks

W.L.B. General Contracting

Contact: Lorne Black Work 1830 Concession Rd. 2 Brechin ON L0K 1B0 Work Phone: 705-484-0917

Renovations & Restorations

W.R. Auto Service

Contact: Rob Binning Work 3232 Ramara Rd. 47 Brechin ON L0K 1B0 Work Phone: 705-484-1020

Modern Auto repair service

W.W. Tree Cutting & Stump Removal

Contact: Wayne White Work R.R. #1 Severn Bridge ON P0E 1N0 Work Phone: 705-689-5104

Tree Removal

Wagg’s Linen Supply

Contact: Kirby Wagg Work 24 Ontario St. Orillia ON L3V 6H1 Work Phone: 705-326-3517 Work Fax: 705-326-1297

Uniform & Linen Rentals health care laundry

Wagner Consulting Group

Contact: Jon Wagner Work 42 Thicketwood Place Bayshore Village Brechin ON L0K 1B0 Work Phone: 705-484-0974

Human Resource Consulting

Wagner Lawn Care

Contact: Glenn Wagner Work R.R.#2 Coldwater ON L0K 1E0 Work Phone: 705-835-0123 Work Fax: 705-835-0123



Contact: Bryan Liklater Work Hwy 12 @ Murphy Rd. Orillia ON L3V 7W7 Work Phone: 705-325-7403 Work Fax: 705-325-8807 Website:

Department Stores

Walker Insurance

Contact: Andrew Walker Work 39 Coldwater Rd. Coldwater ON L0K 1E0 Work Phone: 705-686-3588 Work Fax: 705-686-3432

Insurance Agents

Walker Office Equipment

Contact: Charles Walker Work 412S Old Muskoka Rd. Orillia ON L3V 6M5 Work Phone: 705-325-3541

Office Equipment

Walking On A Cloud

Contact: John Mitchell Work 10 West St. N. Orillia ON L3V 5B8 Work Phone: 705-325-5891 Website:


Walleyeman Outfitters

Contact: Andy Stanton Work P.O Box 20 Severn Bridge ON P0E 1N0 Work Phone: 705-689-1525

Boat & ice hut rentals

Walter Howell & Sons Ltd.

Contact: Walt Howell Work 165 Cedar Island Rd. Orillia ON L3V 1S9 Work Phone: 705-326-7554

Well Drilling

Walter Schummer CMA

Contact: Walter Schummer Work 279 Coldwater Rd. Orillia ON L3V 3M1 Work Phone: 329-2570 Work Fax: 329-2571 Website:


Ward’s Canoe Shop

Contact: Mr. Ward Work 3843 Soules Rd. Orillia ON L3V 6H3 Work Phone: 705-325-1166


Warminster Variety & Gas Bar/Tim Horton’s

Contact: D. Ram Work 1 Wallis St. Warminster ON L0K 2G0 Work Phone: 705-325-2576


Warners’ Collision Centre Ltd.

Contact: Warner Chalmers Work 18 Front St. N. Orillia ON L3V 4R5 Work Phone: 705-325-1172 Work Fax: 705-325-1172


Warp Core Technologies

Contact: Murray Martin Work 3048 South Sparrow Lake Rd. RR # 2 Washago ON L0K 2B0 Work Phone: 705-689-3938 Work Fax: 705-689-6667

Web and Interactive Media Design

Warren Bennett & Sons Carpentry

Contact: Warren Bennet Work 430 Homewood Orillia ON L3V 3K8 Work Phone: 705-329-2323


Warren Group 2004

Contact: Eric Warren Work 2983 South Sparrow lake Road Washago ON L0K 2B0 Work Phone: 705-689-1404

internet Services

Washago Cruise Lines

Contact: Albert Reitsma Work 1029 Laidlaw Ave. Box 29 Washago ON L0K 2B0 Work Phone: 705 689-8497

Cruise Boat

Washago Gas Service

Contact: Michael Garry Work 3360 Muskoka St. Box 521 Washago ON l0K 2B0 Work Phone: 705-689-9341

Washago Home Hardware

Contact: Yvonne Harmer Work Muskoka Road Washago ON L0K 2B0 Work Phone: 705-689-2611 Work Fax: 705-689-8801


Washago Plumbing

Work Phone: 705-205-0713 Website:

Washago Sweet Retreat

Contact: Kay & Marion Bonsu Work 3385 Muskoka St. Box 286 Washago ON L0K 2B0 Work Phone: 705-689-3777


Washago TIM-BR Mart.

Contact: Lyle Denne Work 4337 Hepinstal Street Washago ON L0K 2B0 Work Phone: 705-689-2626 Work Fax: 705-689-8671

Building Materials

Washago Tire

Work GD PO Severn Bridge ON P0E1N0 Work Phone: 705-689-1720

Washago Variety

Contact: Jong-Gi Eun Work 3386 Muskoka St. Washago ON L0K 2B0 Work Phone: 705-689-2272

Convenience Stores

Washago Video & Copy Shop

Contact: Paul W. Stanton Work P.O. Box 146 Washago ON L0K 2B0 Work Phone: 705-689-8483 Work Fax: 705-689-8483

Video Rental

Washago Village Inn

Contact: Pat & Dave Warwick Work 51 Muskoka St. Washago ON L0K 2B0 Work Phone: 705-689-1904

Bed & Breakfast

Waste Reduction Services

Contact: Kelly Clune Work 325 Peter St. N. Orillia ON L3V 5A4 Work Phone: 705-327-2100

Waste Audits & Reduction Strategies

Waterline Marine

Contact: John Oakes Work R.R. #5 Orillia ON L3V 6H5 Work Phone: 705-326-1226

Watson Brothers Welding & Fabricating Mobile & Shop

Contact: Jeff Watson Work 4 Park Lane Sebright ON L0K 1W0 Work Phone: 705-833-1110

Welding & Fabricating

Watt’s Trophies

Contact: Joe Watt Work 18 Derby Dr. Orillia ON L3V 5R5 Work Phone: 705-325-8104


Watters Lawn Care & Home Maintenance

Contact: John Watters Work 392 Mississaga St. W. Orillia ON L3V 3C5 Work Phone: 705-325-6646 Work Fax: 705-327-1407

Waveforce Enterprises

Contact: Al Marsden Work 3958 Parkside Dr.R.R.#7 Ramara ON L3V 6H7 Work Phone: 705-325-0681

Fish Charter Toursaccomodationcateringbait

Ways and Means Equipment

Contact: racy Cleland Work 201 390 Sundial Drive Orillia ON L3V 4A6 Work Phone: 705-326-1763

Law Enforcement and military equipment