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G & R Roofing

Contact: Gina Richardson Work R.R. #4 Orillia ON L3V 6H4 Work Phone: 705-327-7080


G & S Welding & Fab

Contact: Gord Inger Work 6 Alberta Ave. Orillia ON L3V 6H2 Work Phone: 705-326-7304


G. P. C. Carpentry

Contact: George P Clark Work 7 Carleton St. Orillia ON L3V 6B4 Work Phone: 705-325-4227 Work Fax: 705-325-6302

Cabinet Maker

G. P. Stones Surveying Ltd.

Contact: Jerry Stones Work 7 Old Scotia Place R.R.#2 Orillia ON L3V 6H2 Work Phone: 705-325-6811 Work Fax: 705-325-9068


G.A. Wiles Haulage

Contact: G.A. Wiles Work General Delivery Warminster ON L0K 2G0 Work Phone: 705-326-8316


G.B.Cragg Insurance Broker Limited

Contact: Graydon Cragg Work 3230 Monarch Drive Box 8 Orillia ON L3V 6H9 Work Phone: 705-325-1393 Work Fax: 705-325-1992

Insurance Brokers

G.I.T Security

Contact: John Kerteston Work 22 Colborne St. E. Orillia ON L3V 2Y3 Work Phone: 705-325-4141 Work Fax: 705-728-4903

Security Systems

G.O. Heating Ltd.

Contact: Adam Longaphie Work 2073 North River Dr. RR #1 Coldwater ON L0K 1E0 Work Phone: 705-321-7523 Work Fax: 705-686-7334 Website:

air conditioning & heating

Gables Cottage Resort

Contact: Carol Martin Work R.R. #2 Washago ON L0K 2B0 Work Phone: 689-5321


Galaxy Theatre

Contact: Robert Chatarpaul Work 865 West Ridge Blvd. Orillia ON L3V 8B3 Work Phone: 705-325-3661 Work Fax: 705-330-3462


Gallivan’s Shell Station

Contact: Jim Smith Work R.R.#5 Rama Rd. Orillia ON L3V 6H5 Work Phone: 705-325-3919

Service Stations

Gamma Sales Inc.

Contact: Mike Shean Work 25 Hunter Valley Rd. Orillia ON L3V 6H2 Work Phone: 705-325-3088 Work Fax: 705-325-2126

Snowmobile Parts

Garage Supply Orillia Ltd.

Contact: Alex Barnett Work 97 Dufferin St. P.O. Box 75 Orillia ON L3V 6H9 Work Phone: 705-325-2771 Work Fax: 705-325-9083 Website:

Automotive Parts

Gardiner Training & Consulting

Contact: Debra Gardiner Work P.O.Box 30 R. R. #1 Washago ON L0K 2B0 Work Phone: 705-689-5814

Manangement Training & Consulting

Gary Hanna Plumbing

Contact: Gary K Hanna Work B1315 Durham RG Rd 15 Beaverton ON L0K 1A0 Work Phone: 705-426-7223

plumbing & heating

Gary’s Canada Wide Moving & Storage

Contact: Gary Brouwer Work 218 Hilda St. Orillia ON L3V 1J1 Work Phone: 705-325-3990 Work Fax: 705-327-2181



Contact: Maddy Hilker and Brian Hogg Work Orillia ON Website: Gastrobug

Our mission is to show people that insects can be a delicious, nutritious, and ecologically sound part of your diet. We’re doing this by making incredible meals using insects as an important ingredient — they’re tasty creations that you’ll just have to try — and showing you how to make them yourself.

In addition, we’re going to show you how easy and cheap it is to grow your own insects for food, right in your own home.

Eating Entomo and Entomovegan is the future, and Gastrobug is bringing it to you, now.

Gastrobug is run by Maddy and Brian, two people learning to love eating bugs, because it’s a good idea. In addition to what we wrote above, this site is our journey to becoming more comfortable eating insects ourselves; we’re learning as we go.

Gaudaur Natural Foods

Contact: Jake Gaudaur Work 17 Andrew St. N. Orillia ON L3V 5H9 Work Phone: 705-325-7143 Work Fax: 705-325-7255

Health Foods

Gauthier’s Martial Arts & Self Defence Ltd.

Contact: Gil Gauthier Work 37 Mississaga St. W. Orillia ON L3V 3A5 Work Phone: 705-689-5977 Website:

Martial Arts

Gaylann Communications

Contact: Gayle Schofield Work 108 Laclie St. Orillia ON L3V 4M8 Work Phone: 705-327-1036 Work Fax: 705-327-0541

Design Consulting/Event Planning & Promotion

GDS Overhead Doors | The Garage Door Store

Contact: Rick Vernon Work 655 Harvie Settlement Rd. Orillia ON L3V 6H2 Work Phone: 705-327-7408 Work Fax: 705-327-1307 Website:

Overhead Doors

Genesis Health & Fitness

Contact: Kelly Skinner-Meyer Work 26 West St. N. Orillia ON. L3V 5B7 Work Phone: 705-327-5995 Work Fax: 705-327-2995 Website:

Health & Fitness

George Newman Construction

Contact: George Newman Work R.R.#7 Orillia ON L3V 6H7 Work Phone: 705-321-1018

Cabinet making and tile instalation

George’s Country Style Restaurant

Contact: Gus Diamantakos Work 119 Colborne St. W. Orillia ON L3V 2Y8 Work Phone: 705-325-0211


Georgian Bay Printers

Work 17 Colborne Street East Unit 101 Orillia ON L3V 1T4 Work Phone: 705-327-5152 Work Fax: 705-327-5150 Website:

Georgian Bay Recycling

Contact: Mike Milligan Work 3947 Uhthoff Line RR 2 Orillia ON L3V 6H2 Work Phone: 705-627-6561 Work Fax: 705-329-1644


Georgian Business Machines

Contact: William E. Pears Work 121 Emily St. Orillia ON L3V 5V3 Work Phone: 705-325-5073 Work Fax: 705-325-5073

Distributor Office Machines

Georgian College of Applied Arts & Technology

Contact: Mary O’Farrell-Bowers Work 825 Memorial Ave. Box 2316 Orillia ON L3V 6S2 Work Phone: 705-325-2740 Work Fax: 705-325-3690 Website:


Georgian Duct Cleaning

Contact: Ed Brassington Work 315 Line 13 N R.R.# 2 Hawkestone ON L0L 1T0 Work Phone: 705-327-3160 Work Fax: 705-327-7061 Website:

Duct Cleaning

Georgian Equipment Ltd.

Contact: George Thompson Work Paterson Rd. R.R.#1 Orillia ON L3V 6H1 Work Phone: 705-325-3431 Work Fax: 705-326-8425

Diesel and Marine Engine Sales & Service

Georgian Golf Centre

Contact: Marc Dickie Work P.O.Box 404 Orillia ON L3V 6J8 Work Phone: 705-323-4049

Golf Sales Services & Instruction

Georgian Hairstyling

Contact: Bonnie Sova Work 21 Main St. Coldwater ON L0K 1E0 Work Phone: 705-686-3440

Beauty Salons

Gian Carlo Ristorante

Contact: Gian Carlo Work 86 Creighton St. Orillia ON L3V 1B2 Work Phone: 705-326-3483


Giant Tiger #174

Contact: Scott Wilson Work 130 Atherley Road Orillia ON L3V 1N3 Work Phone: 705-329-1207 Work Fax: 705-329-3594 Website:

Department Store

Gibson Lumber

Contact: Norris Gibson Work P.O. Box 2 Washago ON L0K 2B0 Work Phone: 705-689-6011


Gilbert Construction

Contact: Brian Gilbert Work 235 Harvey St. Orillia ON L3V 3M5 Work Phone: 705-325-0315

Gilbert Guitars

Contact: Jeff Gilbert Work 64 Mississaga St. E. Orillia ON L3V 1V4 Work Phone: 705-329-2913

Gilbert Guitars

Giles Towing & Storage

Contact: George Giles Work Highway 12 S. Brechin ON L0K 1B0 Work Phone: 705-484-5800

Towing; Storage

Gina’s Professional Dog Grooming

Contact: Gina Dyke Work 7 Wyandotte Street Orillia ON L3V 5M9 Work Phone: 705-327-1857

Dog Grooming

Giovanni & Perri Hairstylists

Contact: Santo Perri Work 31 West St. S. Orillia ON L3V 5G2 Work Phone: 705-326-7513

Beauty Salons

Glen’s Towing & Salvage

Contact: Glen Mcgregor Work R.R. #5 Coldwater ON L0L 1E0 Work Phone: 705-835-3625


Go-N Get Convenience

Contact: Hyong Tae Kim/Edward Younge Kim Work 205 Memorial Ave. Orillia ON L3V 5X8 Work Phone: 705-325-7441

variety stores

Gold Horse Initiatives

Contact: Deb Svanefelt Work 42 Brandon Cresc. Orillia ON L3V 7P7 Work Phone: 705-325-1655

Design & Manufacturing of Clothing/Psychotherapy Services

Goldcrafters Jewellery Workshop

Contact: Lisa Hockley Work 70 Front St. N Orillia ON L3V 4R7 Work Phone: 705-329-2274 Work Fax: 705-329-2950


Golden Wok Restaurant

Contact: Wing Wong and Sui Ping Fung Work 72 Colborne St. W. Orillia ON L3V 2Y7 Work Phone: 705-326-1223


Goodwill Orillia

Work 4 King Street West Unit 1 Orillia ON L3V 1R1 Work Phone: 705-325-2937 Work Fax: 705-325-8527

unisex clothing

Gord Robertson CGA

Contact: Gordon Robertson Work 118 Mississaga St. W. Orillia ON L3V 1V7 Work Phone: 705-326-3104


Gord Souter’s Houseboat Rentals

Contact: Gord Souter Work R.R. #4 Orillia ON L3V 6H4 Work Phone: 705-327-7591

Marine Rentals & Repairs

Gord’s Pro Fishing Charters

Work 37 Dancy Drive Orillia ON L3V 7M1 Work Phone: 705-327-2760

Gordon Cameron CMA

Contact: Gordon Cameron Work 63 Andrew St. S. Orillia ON L3V 5J2 Work Phone: 705-329-5943


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